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10+ Mother’s Day Care Package Ideas to Help You Share Love

Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to remember all the moms in our life. Maybe you’re celebrating a new mom who’s juggling a newborn and bottle. Or maybe you’re surprising an expecting mom who’s anxiously awaiting her baby’s arrival. Or you’re sharing some extra love with a dog mom whose baby happens to have fur and four legs. 

Or maybe all of the above. After all, there’s no one type of mom that can be celebrated on Mother’s Day. Every mom can be included! 

But what if you and your mom can’t be together this Mother’s Day? Maybe she lives across the country and you won’t be able to see her for the coming months. Or perhaps she’s under the weather and needs to stay self-quarantined for the time being. Or maybe she’s on vacation and won’t be back in time. If that’s the case, then we have 10+ care package ideas to help you share the love and celebrate with mom, wherever she is.

10+ Mother's Day Care Package Ideas to Help You Share Love

Some Basics

Every care package will have some small nooks and crannies. And while you can fill these in with packing peanuts, they aren’t very exciting. So while you’re shopping for your other Mother’s Day gifts, don’t forget to pick up:

Candy: Chocolate roses, caramel-filled hearts, and chocolate kisses are perfect! 
Roses: Rose petals, or if you’re really crafty, tissue paper roses, are a sweet extra to tuck in all those extra spaces.

Once you have the basics together, it’s only a matter of personalizing your Mother’s Day care package to make her feel extra special. These are some of our favorites:


Crafty Kid

Kids love DIYing gifts and this coming Mother’s Day is no exception! Start a new tradition by creating a heartfelt personalized mommy and me journal with a Dazzling notebook. Use the journal as a way to write sweet notes back and forth for years to come.

Ready to get started? First, have your kids gather together their favorite markers, crayons, stickers, and stamps. Next, have them decorate the first page with the date, and a “to” and “from” section. 

On the next page, have them write “I love mommy because…” For little ones, you can help with the writing. Below this, have them add their own drawings and art below, or if they’re older, they can write their own sections. Don’t forget to date the page to remember this sweet sentiment for years to come! 

Now comes the fun part – wrapping! Have them wrap up their journal for a sweet Mother’s Day surprise. Encourage mom to write back and surprise them by placing it on their bed pillow when they aren’t nearby.

They’ll then find a lovely surprise and want to write mom back. This can be a wonderful treasured memory that gets shared between mother and daughter for years to come.  


First Mother’s Day

Nothing is more special than a very first mother’s day for an expecting friend or family member. Surprise them with a heartfelt package with a personalized greeting card, a tote bag customized with their first name, and their favorite salty or sweet snack. 

You can also add in a sweet notebook for recording pregnancy milestones, first kicks and hiccups, and funny pregnancy moments she’ll want to remember years from now.


All for Animal Lovers

Looking to send some love to pet moms this Mother’s Day? Fill a basket with a tail-wagging wall decor poster to decorate a pet corner, a cute apron for baking homemade dog biscuits, and a tote bag for toting extra harnesses and treats for walks. Add a personalized greeting card and you’ll have a woof-worthy Mother’s Day gift for all the pet moms in your life.

Soothing Self-Care

Share the gift of self-care for a special mom in your life. Create a tropical paradise at home for the ultimate Mother’s Day gift and fill a basket with a few fun extras. Add a pretty notebook and pen for jotting down favorite quotes for a mom who loves to write. And for a mom always on the go, including a peace tote bag and her favorite book.


Get Things Cooking

If the kitchen is the heart of your mom’s home, then you know she’ll love a gift centered around her favorite pastime. Shop aprons with designs including Angels Love MomDazzling, and Pet Mom, you’ll find the perfect one for mom. Add in her favorite cooking spices or whip up a few custom ones of your own, and you’ve got a gift with sugar and spice and everything nice!


Growing in Faith

Encourage her faith journey. Learn how to grow a spiritual habit through prayer journaling and pair it with a Prayer Garden journal. Include a pretty set of bookmarks and some fresh garden flowers for a truly personal gift. 

For moms who love counting blessings, discover 5 hidden blessings of keeping a blessing box and pair it with a Faith blessing box.


For Faraway Mom Friends

Sometimes Facetime isn’t enough. Surprise your mom friends with a friendship print greeting card that’ll pull heartstrings and a notebook celebrating mother nature

For poetry lovers, add a hardcover copy of Poems That Stir Us, an 82-page book filled with encouraging and loving poems to remind her how special she truly is. 


Family Memories, Delivered

This is a perfect time of year to relish family ties and the history of generations of mothers. Deliver family memories by adding a family photo in a beautiful frame, a Mom & Me notebook filled with favorite family memories packaged inside an Angels Love Moms tote bag.


Every Mom You Know

Mom, step-mom, adopted mom, pet mom, grandma, great-grandma, aunt, sister, cousin…there are so many moms out there that deserve to be celebrated this Mother’s Day. 

Show her how much she’s loved with a pretty all-over print apron she can wear every day while she bakes delectable treats, a cute tote bag she can use for farmstand produce, or even just a sweet Angels Love Mom print greeting card.

Sending & Giving Ideas

Are you putting together a Mother’s Day package for mom while she’s in town? Surprise her by hand-delivering your gift to her in-person. Close by but keeping 6 feet apart? Display it on her front porch, ring the bell, and stand back to wave a quick hello.
Remember, just as mom brightens your life, this care package can her day. No matter what you include, your mom is sure to know the love and care that went into putting her gift together.


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