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32 Inspirational Gifts for Achieving Your New Year Resolutions Today

Pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha are swapping out for vanilla and caramel, the wrappings are put away, security tags cut off Christmas gifts, and New Year hats packed away for another twelve months.

This time of year, especially, can feel like sinking into a cozy chair and restoring the body and soul. It’s a time where we can look back on this past year and start setting and achieving goals we intend to complete. 

This year is going to be the year to lose those stubborn pounds, go on those long-wished-for date nights, actually remember all those birthdays, anniversaries, graduation dates, sports seasons, and vacations. It’s going to be the year for bettering finances, kicking bad habits, making new habits, connecting with loved ones, getting organized, building faith, and finally learning those new hobbies collecting dust in the corner. 

But putting in the steps to make all those fantastic resolutions can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. As a result, it’s easier to put it on the back burner than to step out in faith to make our dreams a reality.

So today, we’re gathering our favorite inspirational gifts that will help you achieve resolutions and sharing steps for getting started. And whether you’re looking to get started right after New Year’s, a few weeks into January, or even many months into the year, remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. 

Need Help Making a Resolution?

Check out some of the top New Year resolutions, according to one survey:

Resolution: Make Resolutions

My Happy Place Notebook
Flying Wish Paper Notebook
Faith Notebook
Angel Butterfly Notebook
Be Magical Spiral Notebook

Use these notebooks for jotting New Year resolutions and plans to achieve each!

Getting Started

Be Specific. Use the first page of your notebook to jot down your hopes and dreams for 2023. Let your imagination go wild on this page – this is your chance to let loose and have fun with this exercise.

After you’ve built your list, circle your top three to five that you’d love to achieve this year. Use the next page to list your goal at the top and write down specifics.

For instance, if you wrote “Lose weight,” you’ll want to use this next page to say how many pounds, how long a timeframe, and what tools, like exercises and foods, can help along the way.

Above all, you’ll want to include check-in points throughout to help with accountability. For instance, you can check in with yourself or recruit a family member or friend for additional motivation. And in conclusion, if they decide to try it too, you’ll be able to motivate each other throughout the process! 

Resolution: Have More Date Nights

Falling in Love Planner
Love Signs Planner
Winter Love Planner
Love Lifts Me Planner

Celebrate the angel you love with this romantic and beautiful planner.

Perfect for planning special romantic date nights for every week or month of 2023.

Getting Started

First, start by blocking out all the days that you know you won’t be able to have date nights. Dates may include holidays, work schedules, and other life events.

Next, look ahead one to two months and start circling potential days. Now jot down a few fun date ideas to try out this year. In addition, add a few traditional ideas like dinner and a movie, and add in a few new ideas for both of you. For instance, that might be visiting a local botanical garden, trying dining in the dark, or even an escape room.

Lastly, check with your partner for which days and dates work best for their schedule. In conclusion, write it down, block it out, and start planning! 

Resolution: Remembering Birthdays

Princess & Unicorn Birthday Card
Angel Birthday Cake Folded Greeting Card
Enchanted Mermaid Birthday Card
Sweet and Satisfying Birthday Folded Greeting Card
Birthday Star Greeting Card

Share a sweet birthday card for all the angels and friends in your life throughout the upcoming year. 

Above all, personalize for a genuinely personal sentiment and order in bulk for even more savings.

Getting Started

First, take a look ahead for the next six to twelve months. Next, jot all the birthdays down for your family, friends, colleagues, clients, and anyone else that you’d like to include.

In addition, if you’re using a digital calendar like Google Calendar, set multiple reminders (i.e., Buy card and present, send a gift, text happy birthday, etc.).

Resolution: Bettering Finances

Prayers Soar to Heaven Notebook
Moon Dancer Notebook
String of Hope Notebook
Angel By My Side Notebook
Heart Lantern Spiral Notebook

These beautiful and heartwarming spiral notebooks are perfect for collecting a snapshot of monthly finances in one spot.

Getting Started

First, label the top of the page for each month. Next, in the top half of the page, include all your known expenses. Expenses could include cell phone bills, car expenses, house expenses, internet bills, and any other fixed or adjustable bill you know you’ll be receiving.

After that, include all your known income deposits in the top half of the page. Deposits could consist of payments from work, refunds, or any other fixed or adjustable income you know will be coming your way. In addition, cross out each expense and pay as they come along.

Finally, on the back of the page, crunch numbers for income and expenditures and adjust as the month goes on. Moreover, this method will give an overview of what to expect in the coming months financially.

Resolution: Getting Fit

Girl Power 2023 Calendar
Poems That Stir Us 2023 Calendar
The Love of Flowers 2023 Calendar

Provide daily doses of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration with a wall calendar from Angels & Friends. 

Jot down monthly goals and track daily progress each day on one of these beautiful hand-illustrated calendars.

Getting Started

First, calculate your end goal for the month ahead. Whether that’s a certain number of pounds lost, doing a certain number of burpees per day, spending 30 minutes doing yoga each week, or another goal, jot down the total number you’d like to achieve in an empty box – moreover, this is the monthly goal you’d like to hit.

Next, calculate out what number or goal that would be per day. Jot those numbers on each day of the month. Also, if you’d like to make sure you’re drinking enough water per day, this is a great one to add to each box as well.

After that, hang it somewhere you’ll often see and work through each day. Finally, add a checkmark for every day you hit your goals. Missed a day? Don’t fret! Above all, start the next day again, and you’ll still be on track.

Resolution: Improving Your Diet

Butterfly Wonders Tote Bag
Magical Beach Day Tote Bag
Maui Journey Tote Bag
Daydreamers Tote Bag
New York City Lights Tote Bag

Let these tote bags remind you to be transformed by all the beauty and magic surrounding you.

Perfect for toting farm stand fruits and veggies, these tote bags are made with 100% natural material and will stand the test of time.

Getting Started

First, store several bags in your car, and you’ll always be ready to hit the farm stand. Farm stands have great prices on fresh local produce.

Moreover, by helping local small businesses (and skipping disposable plastic bags), you’ll know that your purchase is a win-win. 

Resolution: Building Your Faith

Faith Blessing Box
Butterfly Wonders Blessing Box
Angel Fairy Blessing Box
Reach for the Heavens Blessing Box
Choose Joy & Happiness Jewelry Box

These beautiful blessing boxes store all the items that are blessings to us and bring us warmth, love, and joy.

Getting Started

Creating a blessing box has endless possibilities, but for an easy way to dive in, we’re passing along five favorite mementos in a trending blog post. In addition, we’re also sharing a free printable you can download, print, and glue on the underside of your blessing box lid as a daily reminder.

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