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7 Ways to Support Your Favorite Children’s Picture Book Authors

Our latest children’s picture book, Pupeye’s World, has officially hit the shelves, and we couldn’t be more excited! This children’s picture book about a dog has been months in the works. From hand-illustrating and digitizing each page’s design to crafting and editing the accompanying text to sending it for publication, it’s been a massive project happening behind the scenes at Angels & Friends.

During this process, we’ve been asked: What is the best way to support your new work? We know the feeling; you’re excited about a children’s picture book author’s latest publication and want to support them. There are so many free and fast things you can do to help your favorite authors. So, in the spirit of community, creativity, and collaboration, here are seven ways to show love.

  1. Read their work
  2. Get an extra copy for gifting
  3. Share the love on social media
  4. Give a star rating or review
  5. Talk about books you love
  6. Encourage your local library to order a copy
  7. Send a thank-you note to the author
7 Ways to Support Your Favorite Children's Picture Book Authors

1. Read Their Work

This one can be easily underestimated, but it’s one of the most significant gifts a reader can give to a writer. After all, you are who they were thinking of as they crafted their words and illustrations. By reading their books, blogs, and social content, you’re letting the author know that you want to spend time with our creative content.

Pupeye’s World

Pupeye’s World

Genre: Children's Books
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: ‎Independently published
Publication Year: 2022
Format: Softcover
Length: 41 pages

Meet Pupeye, a lovable Pomeranian puppy who loves to go on adventures with his owner Diana every day. Diana loves Pupeye with all her heart. She makes sure that Pupeye enjoys his treats, takes an afternoon nap, and gets plenty of playtime at the park. Preschoolers will enjoy helping Pupeye find all his favorite play spots and delight in how Pupeye spends his day.

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About the Book
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2. Get an Extra Copy for Gifting

If you’re like us, you get excited when a new book by a favorite author is released. And you’ll want to talk about it with your friend. So why not order an extra copy for friends to share? Also, for children’s titles like Pupeye’s World, why not order a copy for your son or daughter and their best friend? This way, they can have their tiny tot book club and share their favorite parts of the story.

For authors, it doesn’t just mean more books get purchased but also that their reader community is expanding. More people are reading their books, following them on social, opening email newsletters, and anticipating their next book. By sharing your favorite author, you’re welcoming them into a family of readers

3. Share the Love on Social Media

Friends, family, and independent bookstore owners gather book recommendations from social media. Posts don’t have to be perfect; Snap a quick photo and then add text to let everyone know what’s on your TBR (to-be-read) list or your current reading pile. 

And if you’re off social media, you can still share the love. Send a quick text to a few friends you know would be interested in reading and invite them to read along with you.

4. Give a Star Rating and Review

This is more important than you’d think. Writing a review or giving a star rating can take seconds but can make all the difference for an author’s reputation and for encouraging book sales. 

Your review doesn’t need to be long or detailed. But it would mean a great deal if you’d add one here: 

5. Talk About Books You Love

We talk about what we love, and books are no exception. Whether small talk or catching up with an old friend, we love turning to books for favorite conversation starters. And if you’re like us, you put much more weight into personal recommendations from family and friends. 

6. Encourage Your Local Library to Order a Copy

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance that you’re an avid reader who visits the library. By encouraging your local library to order a copy, you’re sharing a word-of-mouth personalized recommendation to their team. Most libraries have a “Suggest a book” button on their website, making it easy to type in the author, title, and a bit more about the book. If you borrow a book from the library, you’re telling them it was a good purchase, and they’ll more likely buy more from that author.

Little Free Library

Another fun library angle: If you frequent little free libraries in your local neighborhood or parks, add a copy of Pupeye’s World for a lucky reader to find. 

Bonus points: Face it out, so it’s the first book they see, and snap a photo to share on your social media.

7. Send a Thank-You Note to the Author

Last but certainly not least is to cheer your favorite authors on their book release journey! Send them an email, tag them in a social media post, or reply to one of their email newsletters. They’ll know that you’re supporting their work, which can make all the difference for an author.

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