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Author: Diana Nguyen

Angels & Friends Blog

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Poem eCard

The Power of Words Found in Poems

Jun 16th, 2021

It is amazing what words can do. They are the force we use to communicate every day, and their power goes far beyond that. Have you ever listened to a song with lyrics that spoke to your soul? Did you read a book and find yourself in one of its characters? Perhaps you discovered a poem that said everything you couldn’t? Well, that is the power of words. They speak volumes about our thoughts and feelings without ever needing an explanation.

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What to Write in a Birthday eCard

Apr 30th, 2021

Are you good with writing cards? Maybe you’re the type of person who is always at a loss for words and not quite sure what to write for a birthday greeting. Fret not because we’ve got a 5-step plan for perfecting writing your next celebration eCard, including our top 5 birthday sentiments.

Keep in mind that every birthday is a milestone that deserves the best celebration. You can customize your birthday message to reflect good wishes and appreciation for the receiver.


What are eCards?

Mar 30th, 2021

Are you wondering what an eCard is? It’s a digital greeting card sent online! People send these cards, often featuring animation and beautiful sayings, to family members, friends, customers, and even business associates.

Individuals who wish to send an eCard should look towards a website that offers a wide range of electronic greeting cards, starting with Angels & Friends. Once the individual visits the site, they can pick a card and customize it by writing a special message and choosing a delivery date and time.