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Pupeye the Pom

$11.99 (Paperback)

Meet Pupeye, a lovable little Pomeranian who has a sweet and quirky attitude. Learn more about Pupeye the Pom and his many joys and adventures through his story books and merchandise. Be a part of Pupeye’s world!


Angels & Friends Gratefulness Journal

$15.78 (Paperback)

Your life is filled with many things to be grateful for—your family, friends, home, planet, and yourself. This all color, vibrant Angels & Friends Gratefulness Journal will help you to notice and identify all the blessings in your life that make you feel special and loved. Spend some quiet moments during each day to reflect on all you have to be grateful for while opening your heart to more miracles, wonders, joy, and love.


Poems by Little Angels & Friends

$11.00 (Paperback)

This uplifting collection of original poems and colorful illustrations inspires children to believe that all of us have the ability to live amazing lives filled with hope, wonders, and blessings, surrounded by Angels and friends. The heartfelt poems in this book emphasize that we are never alone but are accompanied by Angels, our heavenly companions who are with us throughout our lives to offer us inspiration, guidance, and blessings. The 23 poems cover themes such as the loving presence of Angels, chasing dreams, hope, faith, and imagination. A heart-warming gift appropriate for children aged 10 and under.


Angels & Friends Adventure Workbook

$14.30 (Paperback)

This sweetly illustrated book of poems and activities helps children and their families explore profound themes such as love, faith, imagination, and destiny in an uplifting and creative manner. Each of the 11 themes features an inspirational poem, an explanation of the theme, and a fun hands-on activity putting the theme into practice. Adventures include experiencing nature, sending out thank you cards, exploring dreams and goals, and many other fun activities. The book is designed to help children recognize the love and blessings of Angels sent to them every day, as well as empowering them to see the special Angel in themselves and the Angels in the family and friends who love them. Heart-warming and uplifting, this book inspires children to open their hearts and embrace all of life’s wonders. Perfect for children aged 10 and under.


Poems That Stir Us

$27.99 (Hardcover), $24.99 (Paperback)

We know that words have the power to inspire and uplift. They can move people to act upon their beliefs and dreams by giving them the confidence to change their lives. Positive and caring words can heal wounds and comfort those in pain. Words can put a smile on someone’s face, stir a person’s soul, and even make an individual fall in love. Kind-hearted and inspirational words can make a positive difference in the hearts and minds of anyone who hears and reads them and can also lead to a better, kinder, and gentler world. I hope this book of poems brings you and anyone who reads it daily doses of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration.


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