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Creating Paradise at Home: Tropical Staycation Tips

Create paradise at home with a tropical staycation. Explore perks of vacationing at home and tips for creating the ultimate themed utopia, all without ever leaving your backyard. 

The Perks of Staycations

Picture this: You’re in a hammock swaying. Your hair is up in a messy hair bun and you’re sporting your favorite shades and swimsuit. In your hand is the most refreshing tropical smoothie and between sips, you’re soaking in the most fantastic views of an awe-inspiring sunset. And the sound of ocean waves crashing is music to your ears. You lean your head back and embrace all the senses of having the most amazing moment.

Now picture this: You’re enjoying this moment in your own home terrace – no hammock or beach required!

The joys of staycations are about capturing these sensations without ever leaving your backyard. But if you could travel and get those same sensations, why would you opt for a staycation?

Vacation More Often

Skip the hotels, UBER rides, event tickets, reservations, airfare, and all the rest. And keep your savings in check with a staycation this year. With just a bit of planning, you’re already moments away from kicking it back and relaxing. And with travel costs expected to rise in post-COVID times, we’re welcoming this frugal way to have our pineapple upside-down cake and eat it too! 

Know What to Expect

Ever have a vacation not turn out quite right? A loved one and her family could certainly relate! After a luxurious 7-day cruise, they got a connecting flight home. Six hours into travel, they found out their connecting flight was delayed, then delayed again, and then canceled entirely! Driving an extra 12 hours on top of the time for the first flight and waiting for the connecting flight was certainly not what this family anticipated for vacation travels home. With staycations, you’ll be able to manage expectations much more accurately. You’ll be indoors or relishing in your own outdoor oasis, so weather won’t be an issue. And your accommodations are already set up, so no worries there either! And with only your feet for transportation, you won’t need to rely on airlines, cars, or other modes of transportation.

No Social Distancing Required

With new strains of COVID-19 being discovered and updated distancing and mask recommendations, traveling is looking to have extra protocols in place for the foreseeable future. But with vacation time limitations at work, the additional travel time needed could be a strain. So instead, opt for a staycation where you are feet away from your destination. No masks required! 

“Sometimes a break from your routine is the very thing you need.”
– Unknown

Ready to get started? Read on for our favorite tips for creating a tropical paradise at home. 

Tips for Creating a Tropical Paradise

Choose a theme that fits what you need at this moment. Whether it’s a relaxing retreat, luau party, or tropical movie marathon, we’ve got the best tips on creating your version of paradise without ever setting a foot in your car.

Relaxing Retreat

Relax and think on this one for a second. At this moment, are you in need of some rest and relaxation? If so, you might want to explore creating a restorative retreat in your bath and/or patio area. Do you have a hot tub or spa? Take full advantage and set the scenes around this focal spot. No hot tub or pool? No prob! Stage your bathtub or shower for the same effect! Set out some pretty scented votive candles (tropical paradise, pineapple, and mango are perfect scents for this theme!), cucumbers, essential oils, lotions, and warmed towels. 

Luau Party

Are you looking for a bit of fun and community? This theme is especially perfect after this past year! If you and your loved one are feeling comfortable gathering in person, plan for a luau party like no other! Plot out a spot on your patio in your yard for maximum effect and go to town with every tropical decoration you can find or make! Tiki torches go a long way for ambiance and lighting; balloons and (fake or real) palms make a big visual impact that can fill large spaces without too much cost.

If you’re still looking to social distance, you can still roll with this theme. Decorate with the above ideas and have all your friends and family on a big Zoom chat. Have them decorate too and you’ll have a luau party cross-state or even cross-country without ever leaving your home!

Tropical Movie Marathon

For those looking for a fun twist on a tropical staycation, why not host a party you can stay in your yoga pants in? Invite your girlfriends over (or coordinate over Zoom) and have a tropical movie marathon (Cast Away and Pirates of the Caribbean anyone?)! The living room will be the hub for this theme. No weather to worry about here! 

You’ll want to gather ingredients for making some tropical drinks, fruit platters, and maybe tackling that pineapple upside-down cake! Or go easy and have your favorite tropical eatery delivered right to your door from an online food delivery service. For some fun intermission games, host your own version of “Chopped.” Grab some baskets, fill with tropical foods that may (or may not) pair together well, set your phone timer, and let the games begin.

Plan Ahead, But Don’t Worry About Every Detail

Most getaways require a ton of planning and prep work. And for some, all that planning is a lot of fun. But for others, it’s time well spent on … anything else! For staycations especially, those who enjoy planning will want to keep this tip in mind. 

There are a ton of ways to make things work, even if they aren’t planned down to the last detail.

Remember your staycation’s goal and let the rest fall into place. No worries.

“Mindful planning helps only if it intentionally maximizes your joy.”

Plan ahead but don’t worry about every detail. Forgot the coconut milk for your tropical smoothie? No worries about dashing out last minute; swap for oat milk or almond milk. Not sure which movies to include for your marathon? Let your friends choose or do a search online and pop on the first one that you see on the list that you’ve been meaning to watch.

Excite Your Palette

One of our favorite tips that work for any tropical theme? Excite your palette through bite-sized tropical tapas. There is no shortage of ideas on Pinterest, including Watermelon Feta Skewers, Pineapple Dip, and Shrimp Cups with Chunky Avocado Salsa. Explore “tropical tapas” on Pinterest or your favorite search engine and dive into a world of culinary delights. 

Showcase your tapas on a beautiful island getaway cutting board that will take you to the tropics instantly. With a generous 19” width and created with durable hardboard paneling with a gloss finish, this tray will look vibrant and beautiful for years to come, no matter how often it’s used. And with a beautiful featured illustration and photo from Angels & Friends Founder Diana Nguyen, you’ll smile every time you use this tray.  

Continue the Staycation Mindset

Do you ever need a vacation from your vacation? Us too! Stay in staycation mode long after with one of our favorite tips.

Create and use a wanderlust playlist. If you use Pandora, Amazon Music, Spotify, or another music app, this may be as simple as typing in “tropical playlist.” Or you could have a bit more fun and create a custom list that fits your vacation mode. 

Choose your mood and use these titles to get started creating your own custom playlist:

Just the Classics

– Home in the Islands by the Brothers Cazimero

– Pearly Shells by Don Ho

Rested & Relaxed

– Home in the Islands by the Brothers Cazimero

– Pearly Shells by Don Ho

Craving Soundracks

– Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

– Wouldn’t It Be Nice by The Beach Boys

Kid at Heart

– Hakuna Matata by Jimmy Cliff and Lebo M.

– We Know the Way by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Opetaia Foa’i

Staycation Mode

– Cruise by Florida Georgia Line

– Summertime by Kenny Chesney

Looking for one Last Way to Stay in Vacation Mode? 

Getaway anytime with a Hawaii-inspired tote bag from Angels & Friends. Illustrated and photographed right in Maui, also known as Valley Isle, these tote bags are full of character and saturated with beautiful island tones. From crashing waves to fiery sunsets, these three designs are as unique as you are. And with room to customize with your name, favorite getaway location, or any other details, you’ll have a bag that is truly yours. 

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