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5 Hidden Blessings of Keeping a Blessing Box

What is a Blessing Box?

A blessing box is a container where you can add prayers, blessings, and bible scripture. Prayer can take many forms, and for some, the act of writing can provide the soothing and peaceful atmosphere that resonates most for their prayer life. Handwriting has been shown to increase memory, expand comprehension, and boost creativity. If you haven’t given prayer journaling a try, why not now?

We’re discovering our favorite blessing boxes, must-include writing prompts (including a free printable), five hidden blessings of keeping a blessing box, and additional inspiration for prayer habits and blessing boxes.

Choosing a Blessing Box

Blessing boxes can come in any shape, size, or material. They can be purchased, crafted, or upcycled. 

But our favorites are the beautiful collection of golden oak lacquered boxes from the Angels & Friends shop on Zazzle. Each box is a generous 5″ square lined with soft felt and deep enough to hold numerous prayers, blessings, and bible verses.

Faith includes a beautifully inspired poem paired with an uplifting hand-drawn illustration. This sweet poem is a gentle reminder that courage comes from faith.

Butterfly Wonders perfectly captures the power of sending prayers up to heaven with a kaleidoscope of butterflies taking flight. 

Angel Fairy encapsulates the wonders and joy of keeping a blessing box with a sweet illustration that’s sure to brighten your day. 

Getting Started

Creating a blessing box has endless possibilities, but for an easy way to dive in, I’m passing along my five favorite mementos to include. In addition, as a gift, we’re including a free printable you can download, print, and glue on the underside of your blessing box lid as a daily reminder.

  • Each day, add three blessings from that day.
  • Every week, add three favorite bible verses and three people to pray over.
  • Once a month, rediscover all the blessings and encouragement you’ve added.
  • At the start of each season, celebrate answered prayers.
  • In celebration of a new year, give a blessing box to someone special.

5 Hidden Blessings

1. Makes it a Habit. Keeping a blessing box is a great way to remember to pray regularly. I’m not sure about you, but for me, it’s so easy to let things get in the way of my prayer life. By keeping a prayer box, it’s a tangible reminder of this daily practice and how a few dedicated moments each day can make all the difference. 

2. Handing it over to God Gives You Peace. There’s something genuinely symbolic about praying over specific things then closing the lid. It’s a physical way of showing that you’re giving them time and attention to those essential things in life and, even more importantly, giving over those concerns to the Creator and trusting that He’s got it. 

3. Encourages Positive Thinking. A new field of scientific study called Neurotheology is discovering the relationship between the brain and religion. Although new, they find that prayer and meditation are closely linked to less depression and anxiety, strengthened immunity, and reduced mortality for more spiritual ones. Even just a few minutes each day can create a life-changing difference.

4. Gives a Greater Understanding of the Bible. Keeping a regular schedule of using a blessing box includes the bonus of diving deep into the bible. In addition, writing down favorite scriptures increases your understanding of and memory for these specific verses and sections.

5. Allows You to Make Scripture Your Own. Writing scripture down doesn’t just allow you to go deep into the word but also to give your own unique perspective. Meditating on His word and then journaling and sketching your own life experiences helps build connections and expand your spirituality.

Additional Inspiration

Are you looking for some additional motivation for getting your prayer life into second gear? Check out the 2015 movie War Room, Directed by Alex Kendrick. This movie will get you standing on your feet and cheering along with the lovable character Miss Clara and her friend Elizabeth Jones as they navigate the incredible power behind prayer. 

“If I were you, I would get my heart right with God. And you need to do your fighting in prayer! And you need to kick the real enemy out of your home with the word of God.”
– Miss Clara, War Room

If you’re looking to dive into an inspiring book, check out Lisa Wingate’s 2013 award nominee, The Prayer Box. The main character Tandi gets the surprise of her life when she uncovers eighty-one prayer boxes in the walls of an old Victorian house belonging to former owner Iola Anne Poole.

“Prayers are answered in ways we don’t choose. The river of grace bubbles up in unexpected places.”
– Lisa Wingate, The Prayer Box

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