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Planning Your Next Themed Summer Camping Trip: eCard & Essentials Mini-Guide

Are you looking for something fun to do on your next summer camping trip? We’re discovering digital eCards and themed camping essentials to make the most of your vacation. We’re including the perfect summer camping eCard design and packing essentials that fit in just one bag. So let’s get to it!

Why Camping?

Camping is a timeless vacation. Roll up a sleeping bag, store a few pots and pans, and get ready for an outdoor adventure like no other. There’s something incredibly comforting in nature that calms our spirit and awakens our senses. 

As Henry David Thoreau puts it: 

“I believe there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.”
– Henry David Thoreau

Inspiration & Essentials Mini-Guide

We all know how many things should be brought along for a summer camping excursion. There’s no shortage of lists out there for all the items that should be included. The problem is that these lists often extend to 50 or more items and rarely include ways to get the word out for inviting family and friends. So we’re tackling both challenges in a new spin on this task:

We’re planning four distinct types of camping trips and including:

1. The perfect summer camping Angels & Friends eCard design for inviting family and friends
2. A quick guide to packing essentials that fit in just one bag.

Browse below for four fun summer camping trip themes and customized essentials for each that fit into just one drawstring bag.

Romantic Couples

For a romantic couples getaway, check out Count My Lucky Stars eCard for announcing the trip. This design would pair perfectly with the theme of Picnic Under the Stars and could even include a movie projected on the side of a cabin or even a sheet over a minivan.

Date Planner: You might be surprised to see this one as a top priority, but here’s why: Time gets away so quickly, and date night planning often gets the back burner. Bring a planner and get those dream dates written down! And don’t just plan for the next date but plan the next several months. A few minutes discussing fun date ideas now will help bring those dates, and that precious time, that much closer. 

Bullet Travel Journal: Capture all your favorite summer camping memories in a custom journal! Add creative writing, sketches, photos, pressed flowers, beautiful features, and anything else your imagination can conjure. Our favorite paper design is a bullet journal since it allows for all sorts of creativity to be built out on the pages. If you plan to add photos, don’t forget to pack your Instax!  

Stainless Steel Bottle Opener: Bringing some bubbly? Don’t forget the bottle opener! Pack a custom credit card bottle opener that easily fits into your wallet. Made with stainless steel, this credit card bottle opener can withstand the test of time. And with a beautiful illustration and poem, you’ll be reminded of your summer camping time together daily.

Kid-Friendly Outing

For a kid-friendly summer camping outing, you might want to consider the eCard Magic Moments for inviting all your family and friends with kiddos. This design would be perfect for a classic camping theme. Pack S’more ingredients, empty jars for catching fireflies, bring flashlights for a game of tag, and binoculars for bird bingo, and you’ve got the recipe for a quintessential summer camping trip.

Little Angels Lamp: Looking to add a bit of extra light to the great outdoors? Our lamps are a perfect addition for kid-friendly outings especially. Power up a portable solar power station in the daytime and let the night glow away with a beautiful hand-illustrated lamp perfect for keeping those night monsters away during summer camping trips!

Nature Diary: Let your kids explore their creativity with a custom nature journal. Pack markers, colored pencils, crayons, and the Instax, and let your kids go to town to create their summer camping journals. Need a bit of starter inspiration? Challenge them to find the most beautiful flower, five different types of leaves, or even questions like, “You find yourself alone in the wilderness for a day. What do you do next?” Anything to get those creative juices flowing!   

Fairy Angels Throw Pillow: For those very first summer camping trips, the unfamiliarity can be a bit frightening for kids. Surprise them with a soft and cozy pillow that will fit perfectly at the top of their sleeping bag. And as a bonus, this sweet fairy angel may end up being a toy that your little one totes around all during the day as well as the night.

Girls’ Getaway

If you’re planning a girls’ getaway, Super Girls eCard would be a perfect choice for getting the word out. Pair this design with some laughable drink markers (don’t forget the non-breakable glasses), portable speakers with extra batteries (don’t forget to add “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!” to that playlist), and an Instax camera to capture all the fun! Finally, for a bit of a glamping spin, throw in some sample sizes of beauty masks, lotions, and maybe a DIY face mist in a waterproof bag.

Friendship Greeting Card: Is it just us, or is the best snail mail hand-written greeting cards? Get a jump-start on surprising each girlfriend after your summer camping trip ends by writing them letters letting them each know how special they are! Remember to bring a set of cards with you on your journey and dive into the writing right there. Get them sent when you’re back home, and they’ll be able to vicariously relive your girls’ summer camping weekend long after the fire pit ashes have cooled. Shop over 50 unique and beautiful greeting card designs in the Angels & Friends Zazzle Shop.

Girls Trip Gratitude Journal: You probably won’t find this idea on another list, but we love it! Plan a yearly (or monthly, weekly, whatever works) regular girls’ summer camping trip and use this journal to capture the experience from all your girlfriends during and between trips. During the outing, let each friend fill a page with their favorite moments. Pass along to one friend for safekeeping between trips, and that friend gets the fun extra – they can add in some fun must-have games, questions, or excursions for the next trip. And these items cannot be revealed until the next trip! The notebook gets passed along to each girlfriend between trips, and the memories are bound to flow! Love this idea? Share with your girlfriends now via Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest and let us know. We’d love to hear if you give this idea a try! 

Daydreamers Blessing Box: What do you get when you add a box, paper scraps, a pen, and a whole lot of imagination? Charades, of course! And Pictionary, paper telephone, and so much more! Check out this blog for a list of possibilities and how to play each: Fun Paper and Pencil Games to Play. Tote along this beautiful wood lacquered box, and you’ll be the hit of the trip! And as a bonus, bring your box home after the trip and dive into creating a Blessing Box with our free printable. Get started with our trending blog post, 5 Hidden Blessings of Keeping a Blessing Box.

Kid-Friendly Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebration summer camping trips are the best! For a milestone exertion, Birthday Surprises would fit perfectly. Roll with the theme of “surprises” and plan a few fun extras to unveil throughout the trip. Maybe add a guided trail hike to a little-known but spectacular waterfall, or a round of cornhole with a delightful surprise for the winner, or even whipping up cupcakes in different colors and the same frosting on top, so it’s a surprise which colors everyone has.

Angel Rose Garden Wrapping Paper: Summer camping adds a whole new challenge to bringing presents along! But with some wrapping paper and creativity, anything is possible! This wrapping paper features playful angels flying high in the air, giving gifts, smelling the sweet scent of flowers, and practicing angelic violin chords.

Angel Unicorn Pullover Hoodie: Looking for a summer camping gift that’s both adorable and practical? Take a look at this lovely fleece pullover hoodie that’s perfect for camping during cooler months and any time of the year for evenings and early mornings. Your birthday star will love this oversized kangaroo pocket designed to keep little hands warm.

Angel Butterfly Reins Fleece Blanket: What better way to wind down a summer camping birthday celebration than making S’mores under the stars? This generous fleece blanket is large enough for little friends to keep cozy together while snacking on some tasty treats.

You’re Invited!

Ready to send out those eCard invites to get that summer camping trip rolling? Get started with an unlimited Angels & Friends eCard membership. Available as a monthly or yearly membership, you’ll be able to send unlimited eCards with a growing collection of over 200 whimsical hand-drawn illustrated designs. 

Not sure what to include?

Feel free to copy the text from this template, plug it into your eCards, and customize away!

The mountains are calling, and we must go! 

Would you please join us for a [CAMPING THEME] camping trip on [DATE] at [TIME] at [LOCATION]?
We’re so excited to celebrate [CAMPING THEME] and want to be sure you don’t forget to bring [ESSENTIALS]. 


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